Auto service and repairs in  Burnaby

Auto service and repairs in  Burnaby

We all have been there; that sinking feeling in your tummy when you know something is terribly wrong with your car, and you will pay a fortune to get it fixed. Expensive car repairs may not come knocking so often, but they will surely find their way to your door at least once in your car’s lifetime. As much as you dread them, there is no genius way of avoiding these expensive repairs except hoping that they do not happen occasionally. Langley Mercedes Service and Repairs recommends regular servicing. So what are some of the most expensive car repairs and is there a way to avoid them?

1. Engine and cylinder replacements

Without a properly functioning engine, your car is as good as a scrap metal. When that call from your mechanic comes through, and he mentions engine and cylinder replacement, you have to sit down to absorb the news. It is going to be a costly undertaking. If your car is out of warranty, you woes could never get worse. Sometimes, you are better buying a new vehicle than going down with these replacements.

2. Transmission repairs

Do you know why your mechanic will insist you take it seriously with your car maintenance schedule? It is because this could save you a couple of thousand dollars in transmission repairs and replacement. Your car’s transmission has so many working parts that need constant attention. If any of them malfunctions, you may be in for a shock repair bill. You had better spring into action the moment you notice some irregularities. Humming noises and burning smells are tell-tales that all is not well with your car’s transmission. The sooner you get these addressed, the more likely you will save on repair costs.

3. Suspension repairs

Suspensions are what keep your car in an upright posture and ensure comfort even through rough roads. When part of the suspension needs repair, it is a cost you can comfortably bear. However, it takes a turn for the worse when you have to repair the entire suspension unit. Before you decide to shell out the dollars for suspension overhaul, it is advisable you get a second opinion. Some mechanics will recommend an overhaul when all you need is a part of the entire unit.

4. Airbag replacement

Your safety should always be a priority whenever you drive. That is why you should not drive around with faulty airbags because you never know when they will come to your rescue. Replacing safety airbags will leave a sour taste in your tongue. Be ready to part with some thousands of dollars to get the replacement. It is better to spend on them than have to regret when it is a little too late.


It does not matter how savvy you are with saving or how frugal you can get with your budgeting; an expensive car repair will throw you off balance. It is time you be ready for that dreaded car repair by saving up and finding the best repair shop to handle it. And now that you know some of the expensive car repairs, you can keep an eye on them so that when they happen, you are not taken by surprise.

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